5 thoughts on “Fossick Bridge c1965

  1. The 9F locomotive in the picture is one of the ten allocated to Tyne Dock depot and recognisable by the air pumps on the engine”s running board. These engines were employed on the iron ore trains from Tyne Dock to Consett Iron Works and to see and hear them blasting across the Durham moors with the very heavy ore trains and with another engine banking at the rear up the fierce gradients was a sight to behold.The air pumps were used to open the wagon doors for discharging the ore on the gantry at Consett. The engines when not employed on these trains would often be used for other duties and were quite common visitors to this area.The one in the picture has probably worked a freight down to Tees Yard and is returning home with its brake van. The 9Fs ended work on the ore trains in 1966 and the iron works closed and were completely swept away in the 1980s.


  2. Here, just after the blue bridge was built, an older boy from Frederick Nattrass School showed me an impressive steam loco whistle from a claimed A1 pacific that he rescued from some scrapyard. Probably of some use to the Darlington project these days. Several 9F monsters were cut-up at Thomson”s Scrapyard in Stockton. The last I saw was 92156 in probably 1968 or maybe early 1969, waiting in the reception siding some time before moving into the scrapyard. The last, working, non-preserved, named (but no plates)steam loco I saw at Fossick Bridge was 61021 a York B1 in 1966.


  3. Along with the kids from St Josephs school, we used to go under the Fuzzy Bridge from Ragworth to Freddy Natt School(1949-51 were my years). Anyone else remember that long cold walk to school each morning?


  4. This was the Cattle-Access bridge , demolished for The Ring-Road and “Blue Bridge”. The second bridge leading to Roseworth was filled and embanked in 2006, intact, a time-capsule of brick railway bridge building of 1834


  5. Fossick Bridge – A 9F locomotive and brake van head north at the site of the new bridge on the Stockton Ring Road A1027. Spring,1965.


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