6 thoughts on “Unknown

  1. Looks a lot like one of the alleys running behind the houses opposite the Wild Ox on Norton Road, where Shipwreck Marine was at the back of Hill’s, could be wrong though.


  2. Nowhere near certain but it reminds me of the alley between Hill”s factory on Norton road and the houses that have recently been demolished and rebuilt asd flats. Opposite where the Wild Ox pub used to be looking south!


  3. Yes I vaguely remember exploring around there when I was a kid,there were lots of so called “bomb sites” round the river side in them days.


  4. I”m not really 100% sure about this pic, I”m too young to know otherwise. But I”m throwing a wild guess that it could be somewhere in the area by the riverside or rear buildings of the east side of the High Street. Bit of a clue, rundown area and the alley-way as a bit of a slope to it, as many of them did. But then again it could in the Cherry Lane area. Who knows.


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