4 thoughts on “Coronation Visit

  1. When I attended Holy Trinity 1935-39 we used to call into Hinton”s for a penneth of broken biscuits out of their tins. Sometimes an Ice cream from Pacitto”s or maybe Rossi”s near the Empire. Today in 2007 I had a real shock – 25p for one bakeing potato. What do you think of that Basil? when we potato picked potatoes for Tunstalls Farm, that was the total of our wage for an acheing back. If you still had your stall in Stockton Market you would have thought the streets were paved in gold indeed!


  2. Yes Hinton”s old shop, opposite Holy Trinity Boy”s Church of England School, Yarm Lane, Stockton. I was there that day. Standing in roughly that spot. I could easily be one of the Trinity schoolboys with their backs to the camera. One year later I was knocked down in that exact spot by an Austin A30 while running across the road after school. The headlight of the car struck my head and I fell into the road in front of the car”s front wheels. The driver halted the car within inches of my head. I was very lucky and sustained only a cut to my forehead. I jumped up from the road and a very concerned driver took me home to my parents. No other injuries and no after effects.


  3. BB is right, this is Yarm Lane. If you look at the enlarged image you can see the name HINTONS on the white shop frontage to the right. This shop is shown in full on t949 a photo of Yarm Lane, with a comment posted that it was the old Hintons shop.


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