8 thoughts on “Class at Grangefield Grammar School 1961

  1. Yes, I think the lad front left is a ginger Brian Jones. I have a vague feeling that front second right was called Hepple. What was the reason for this particular group photo?


    • I knew most of these lads, I think the pic was taken to show ‘What you should not to wear to school’. this would be a typical reaction by The boss, Bradshaw who was all at odds with current fashions ie, winklepickers, tight pants and black shirts.


  2. It is a miserable wet afternoon, I log on to PictureStockton and find – not Eric and Ernie but Eric and Brian. Thanks for the laugh guys. By the way my hubby did not go to Grangefield but did know Dougie Brewster and that is definitely him, front row right.


  3. Eric, front row second from the left (in front of you) looks like Alan Swales, and front row extreme right reminds me of Douggie Brewster.


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