5 thoughts on “Gwenns Fish Bar

  1. Yes, it was definitely Meggies and she was the grandmother of a friend of mine, Mick Chalenger. He was a giant of a boy who sadly died a few years ago. I also remember his sister Margaret, brother Bob who joined the police force and the youngest was Peter. I am getting the taste in my mouth now as I write this.


  2. As Ken Rhodes says, I remember it as Meg”s. The “Gwen” name obviously came afterwards (the photo is 1986, my memories are of the 50s and 60s.) I grew up in the house on the right of the photo (no 19) and the shop was owned by the Challenger family. My friend Michael, who was a couple of years older than me, lived a few houses down from the fish shop in Waverley St and Meggy was his gran.


  3. This well known local Fish Shop in the Parkfield area was situated on the corner of St Cuthberts Road and Waverly Street and was run by a lady called Gwenny and her husband.I remember as a boy of six and seven buying fish and chips from Gwenny”s and getting change from a sixpenny piece(two and a half pence).At that time up to the start of the war we did”nt stand in a line like you do now, you used to shout serve me please and hope to get served.I have always thought they called the shop Meggy”s and not Gwenny”s but yet again my memory may be dodgy.I think the ladies surname was Challoner.


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