10 thoughts on “Lords Tavern 1986

  1. I used to be the Promotions Manager there when it first opened I used to love getting an ice cream from the train during my break. We had some great parties there it went downhill quickly after I left LOL.


  2. One of the first pubs I ever drank in, in the late 1990s. Very dodgy place, we were underage (using fake IDs purchased from the back of FHM magazine) but no one ever gave us any hassle. I seem to recall it was known as the cheapest place in the UK to offer a full-price pint for £1 for a period.

    Also remember attending birthday parties (and had many of my own) when it was Cromer Lodge back in the 1980s and the train carriage was still there.

    Now an Aldi Supermarket.


  3. It used to be called Cromer Lodge before it became Lords Tavern. Alas, it is now completely demolished and there are plans to build an Aldi supermarket on site. I took some mobile phone footage of the demolision progress which I”ll put up on Youtube sometime. All thats left is a few lengths of timber I managed to scrounge from the demolision lads. Sad! The whole area is up for redevelopment.


    • Cromer Lodge was Stockton Rural District Council offices until Teesside Co. Borough came in in 1968. Rush & Tomkin’s then took it over, but they subsequently went bust. It’s still there, adjacent to the Lords Tavern site which is where the Aldi is.


  4. Andrew, the subway cart was re painted, refitted and did become a restaurant. It lasted for a couple of years and when the pub changed hands the cart was removed. I am unsure as to where it went. The jet was a model made out of wood. Once the petrol station shut down it too was removed.


    • The jet (I remember it being a Harrier, painted in yellow and black camouflage) found its way to Teesside Airport and was fixed to the roof of the Spa Hotel for a while I think.


  5. I worked at the Lord”s Tavern for a number of years as a DJ. The New York subway car was taken away some years ago now. The Lord”s Tavern is now closed and is due for demolition quite soon.


  6. Brilliant! This is one of the most vivid memories I have of Stockton-on-Tees. I remember going past Lords on the bus and wondering what the subway cart was all about. Just across from the Jet station with a real Jet. So, is this cart still there? How was it used? A restaurant? Did they paint it?


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