12 thoughts on “Richard Hind School 1956.

  1. Hi to all in class 1951-1956 Form 5B. The Picture Stockton Team can give you my email address. I would appreciate a reply from all who knew me at Richard Hind.


    • Yes I remember you Pete also my pal David Palmer whose best man I became in 1964. Am living in Whitby now well retired from HM Coastguard. Regards Craig Allison


      • Hi Craig thanks for the reply, I am in Arizona USA after 30 years in Middle East (Chemical Engineer).. Still quite active. Is David still around?
        Thanks again for keeping in touch
        Peter Finlay


        • Last I heard he was a milkman married with three children but have not seen him for many years as do not get to Teesside now.. Good to hear from you hope you are well. Craig


  2. I remember Pop Carling comimg back after he lost his leg supposedly on the beaches of France on D Day on the first day of the landings. He took us for lessons in English and singing. A very nice man who when egged on told us youngsters at Richard Hind about his time in the Army during the war


  3. I remember that Mr Carlin was lame. Apparently as a soldier in WW2 he had been wounded by the accidental discharge of a rifle in the barracks. I think he had a prosthetic leg. He can be seen to be sitting rather awkwardly.


  4. Form 5b Richard Hind School 1956. Back row: Finlay, Hopper, Smith, O”Neill, ?, Minto. Front row: Allyson, Kenyon, Wardale, “Pop” Carlin, Walton, Palmer, Harrison, I think I have named them correctly; 13 people but there are 14 signatures on the back of the photo.


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