8 thoughts on “1st Norton-on-Tees scout group c1956.

  1. Norton Scouts, Harbron, Irwin etc. Wonderful to see these pictures, I recognised Bob Harbron straight away after nearly eighty five years. Bob and I were at the Frederic Nattrass school infants together. I recall he had a brother whose name I now forget.

    Bob Irwin, I think it must have been your Father I knew because an Irwin was also at school with us. My Pal was Harold Walker and your family lived not at the farm but just a few houses along Ragworth Road. Please tell me if I am wrong!

    I joined Second Norton Scouts in about 1938-9 and did my share of collecting paper and any metal pans for the War Effort as it was called. My Dad did his bit in two world wars, and only met resentment by those he taught before the war, and stayed in their jobs. Totally different from today. But what was it all for, I often wonder. Perhaps is not good to think?

    I wish I had never left the Frederic Nattrass School, one of the best co-educational schools going at that time, with Infants, Junior and Senior schools. I recall Miss Burdon Head of Infants and Mr Morland Head of Junior school. I left Mr Morlands class because my Parents thought it would be good for me. However I was never an Academic, in other words a slow learner.

    The war affected all of us. My Dad left us for two and a half years and slept in the Quartermaster’s Stores on concrete floors which gave him rheumatoid arthritis which stayed with him all his life. Yes, I remember the old songs about Quartermasters Stores, ever word of them – however life was a bit different to that. I you think back Sunderland had a massive unexploded bomb which pretty well shut Sunderland down for nearly a week – this was close to the gun site. Second Norton lost their Scout Master in the war – George lingers in my mind but I am afraid I have forgotten now. I knew Bill Darcey well – he was in 2nd Norton as well. I was in Peewit Patrol and then my Mum and I went to live in Weardale until Dad came out of the war.

    I very much enjoy reading all this Teesside chat and know the true value of the North.
    J. Norman Kidd


  2. Ron Huckle is on the 4th row and far left of the senior scouts wearing the berries. Both he and myself were the first cubs to start at 1st Norton after the War. We didn’t have proper HQ’s and went to a group in Fairfield. When our group started and were stronger in membership we had meetings in the Stockton Scouts HQ’s in Finkle Street before moving to the Tanyard in Norton.


  3. Alan Huckle had an older brother called Ron, they were both in the scouting movement along with their parents Norman and Ann, who are pictured on either side of the chief scout in the centre. The family lived opposite our family in Ruthin Close Roseworth in the 50/60s before moving to Norton. Ann died some years ago, but Norman only died recently I believe. The last time I met Alan he was married to a girl called Joan who attended Richard Hind at the same time as me, and they were living in Chapel Road at Billingham.


  4. No, my uncle John Sheraton was born in 1947, son of Jos and Ann(ie) – aka Nancy – nee Dean. Thank you for your response. Would he have been too young for this group?


  5. I think the scout on the extreme right, second row from the top, is Alan/Ron? Huckle. He was a pupil at Richard Hind School at the same time I attended in the early 50″s. Possibly John or Jeff Smith could confirm this. Yes John, You could be right. It”s possibly Alan Huckle who was at Richard Hind with us. Cheers, Jeff


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