8 thoughts on “The Littlewood Shield Presentation. c1962

  1. Frank Wiseman who was Trevor Briggs father in law was Mayor of Stockton & worked as a millwright in the Maintenance Dept, Head Wrightsons, Thornaby.15/03/2012 22:42:55


  2. Thanks you for the information about Alderman Wiseman. I remember him as a dedicated Alderman with the welfare of the children of Stockton foremost in his public duties. He certainly saved me from a nasty accident when he pointed out to me that the headset on my bicycle was so slack that it would have snapped had I applied the front brake heavily. Then demonstrated how to adjust it by fixing it himself Is there a memorial to this public figure in Stockton If not, there should be.


  3. yes this is Alderman Eric Wiseman,my father.The Mary, Colin Booth is refering to was the daughter of Frank Wiseman,who also served on Stockton Council.


  4. Some of you may remember Eric Wiseman”s daughter Mary, worked on the front desk at Stockton Technical College when it was in Nelson Tce. Married Trevor Briggs, one of my school friends. Sadly Mary died a few years ago.


  5. The awarding of The Littlewood Shield to a safe cycling team from Richard Hind by Alderman ? at an evening ceremony in The Corporation Hall. The girl in the photo was, at the same ceremony, being awarded a prize for a road safety poster campaign. c1962 I am able to name only one person in the group, myself, Alastair Smith, on the far right of the image. The Littlewood Shield was an annual Safe Cycling Competition for local schools held on a road course in Newham Grange Estate.


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