Men of Port Clarence c1905

This elegant group of men from the Port Clarence area were photographed around 1905 we believe. The gentleman in the middle of the front row is Bill Padley Senior and on the right is Walter Woodcock. Second from the right on the back row is Thomas Pearson, grandfather of Joe Pearson who donated this photograph, next to him on his left could be Arthur Matthew Dixon.

4 thoughts on “Men of Port Clarence c1905

  1. These gentleman appear to be dressed for a sporting/ military event.
    Prior to the First World War there was a rifle range at Port Clarence which held shooting competitions.


    • That is interesting to read as I thought this was more of a business photo from Anderstons Foundry, looking at the dress they do look like they are off shooting, though my Great Grandad bottom row, far right (Walter Woodcock) is minus boots


      • Bill Padley, Walter Woodcock and Thomas Pearson were all married to the daughters of Wilson and Eliza Taggart.
        This photograph used to hang in my grandmothers house Caroline Pearson
        (nee. Taggart). It’s a family photograph but I’m unsure of the names of the three men on the furthest left.


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