5 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar School 1st Year Sixth 1960/61.

  1. David Foster Williams appears in the above picture, front row – second left. I am an old friend of his brother Ron. If you know David’s whereabouts I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Please contact me through the PictureStockton Team.


  2. You are correct Anon, Barry did transfer from Newham Grange and he did play cricket. David, I remember that you were a keen 35mm photographer at school. Do you have any suitable pictures from those days to publish here? Barry Melton was a good friend but sadly he was killed in a work accident in the early 70’s.


  3. I think the boy on the right front row is Barry Featherstone, he must have been transferred to Grangefield because he was at Newham Grange in the X-class & was also a good cricketer.


  4. Quite a rogues’ gallery Alan. I can add the following names: Top row far right is Ted Edwards who shared with me an interest in railways. Second to back row, second from far right is Geoff Farnie who lived in Hartburn. Top row third from left might be Tom Easton. Some interesting characters here. David Jones had a razor sharp Maths mind; life and soul of a party and great with a pack of cards. (He always seemed to win much more than me anyway). Nobody messed with Harry Maloney who deep down was a bit of a softie but you didn’t want an appointment with him behind the gym at 4pm. Barry Melton had more girls chasing after him than I’ve had fish suppers but he was a very pleasant and modest young man. I drew my first state pension 6 weeks ago (at long last) having retired in 2003. Living in Glasgow. 4 daughters 2 grandchildren. Would like to make contact with some of the above and the Picture Stockton Team can supply my email address upon request.


  5. Back Row L-R: ?, David Jones, ?, Peter Ord, ? Spence, Dave Rayner, ? Weatherall, ?, ?, ?. Second to back row L-R: David Williams, ?, Alan Callender, Harry Maloney, ?, Dennis Wright, ?, ?, ?. Standing L-R: Tony Jackson, Harry Hudson, ?, Alan Hedley, Roger Atkinson, ?, Mike Wilson, ?, Mike Crowther, ?, ? Carr, ? Front Row L-R: ? Malleby, ? Williams, ? Southern, ? Jones, French student, ? Steadman, ?, ? Wainwright, Barry Melton, Jeff Hopper, ? Featherstone. Most of the above will be accepting OAP payments, but where are they now and can anyone provide the missing names, or indeed correct my memory?


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