3 thoughts on “Father Arthur John Bott 1939

  1. I was at this school from 1949 to 1954 and have nothing but great memories of a fantastic little school, I remember Mrs Atkinson and all the teachers, also Mr Price the headmaster. I remember Mrs Bott on her bike with the carrier on the back, this was a great little school and I had a rude awakening when I left there to go to Richard Hind which I hated as much as I loved St Johns. I do remember Ken Sawyer who taught religious knowledge and contributes to this site as one of the kinder teachers.


  2. I was at St John’s between 1973 and 1980 and I remember Mrs Bott who was in her late 90’s at the time. I recall her husband had some connection with the building of the school (and overseas work also). I remember visiting Mrs Bott at her house with some other children from the school.


  3. Every Wednesday, at the church service, we prayed for ‘Arthur John Bott, priest, our founder’. This picture belonged to my late mother, Mary Atkinson, who has been remembered so fondly by many. There was a lot of discussion about the incident of the school roof blowing off. I am sure she said it had happened in the early morning, and they all felt that they had had a lucky escape, as an hour or so later, the children would have been on site. We went to look at it later that day. It was like a sardine tin lid, folded back by the wind.


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