10 thoughts on “Tilery Road Girls School

  1. Joan Sharp, I also lived in Swainby Road for most of my childhood, I’m trying to recall your family and I’m struggling, sorry. I’ve known all the Todds and just about all the families living in Danby Road and Swainby Road. I went to Tilery boys, left 1962-63 Christmas period, my name is Derek Casey, I wondered if you knew any of my family I had brother Leonard (passed away 4 years ago) and sisters Sandra and Julie.
    All the best Derek.


  2. Susan Armstrong did you live in Kingston Street and did you go to girls training corps along with Judith Sutton and my sister Irene Smith? I would love to get in contact.


  3. I knew Beryl Todd she has a brother Allan and a sister Ann and remember Susan Armstrong she lived at the top end of Kingston street and went to GTC with myself and my sister Irene Smith and Judith Sutton who lived on Tilery Road would love to hear from any of the names here Joan Sharp Nee Smith


  4. My maiden name was Joan Smith and I lived in Swainby Road – had sister, Irene, and brother, Stephen. Beryl Todd, do you have a brother, Alan, and a sister, Anna? Would love to hear from you.


  5. My family were good friends with a Lambert family who had a daughter called Christine who attended Tilery Road school. Do you have a brother called Jimmy, Christine? Would your parents remember Jim & Eve Hatfield?


  6. Couple of corrections – Christine Lambert is in fact me – Christine Teasdale and Pam Price is Jackie Price. Middle row first person is Joam Murray (I am still in touch with her sister Liz)


  7. Back row from left: Thelma Blakemore, Joan Scarborough, Jean Bolam, June Lawson, Shirley Jenkins, Susan Armstrong, Shirley Rutherford, Ivy Mandeville. Middle row from left: ? Murray, Linda Jefferson, M Ross, Hillary Petty, Michelle Kemp?, Unknown, Pam Price, Christine Lambert, Susan Winter, Heather Atkin, Vlaerie Norris, Unknown, Unknown, Joan Scott. Front row from left: Mary Moss, Brenda Smiles, Me (Lillian Chapman), Christine Newton, Ann Sayers, Mrs Rutter, Pauline Palfreeman, Beryl Todd, Pat Gill, Gillian ?, Sandra Williams.


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