6 thoughts on “Holy Trinity School

  1. Back row – 2nd from right is Martin Taylor, 2nd from left is Paul Gregson, 4th from left is Peter Crowther.
    Front row – 4th from left is Ian McKenzie, 1st from right is definitely Neil Wanless
    I think I know some of the other names but only half of the name. I have this photo somewhere at home so will see if it includes anything on all the names when I come across it.

    Some additions..
    Back row – 3rd form left is Neil Wanless rather than Neville Wanless
    Second row – 2nd from left is Paul Gregson, 2nd from right is Peter Crowther.


    • Correction – My original comments above are correct, but the additions relate to a later photograph taken in 1968/1969. My apologies for the confusion.


  2. Elsewhere on this site is a photo by courtesy of Norman Kidd of Miss Allen’s intake class (‘Holy Trinity Schoool c1936’ id=90074). He says c1936. More likely 1934 as I am on the photo. There were 49 boys on that photo compared some 30 years later with 37!


  3. In the rear line 3rd from the right is Peter Sprott, on his right is Stuart McRobert. In the centre row, 2nd from the left is Stephen Eddington, on his left Stephen Dye. At Miss Allen’s right shoulder is Jonathon Payne. At the right end of the centre row is Bernard Usher, 4th from the right is Andrew Goodwill. At the right on the from is (I think) Neil/Neville Wanless, 3rd from the right is Mike Shaw. On Miss Allen’s right is me, Paul Slater.


    • Paul, sorry to contact you out of the blue, I would love to get an original copy of this photo if possible? do you have a good scan of it?
      Robin Ibbotson (Ibbo)


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