9 thoughts on “Stockton Soldiers

  1. Perhaps some one out there can help me, on the St Mary’s church memorial stone (Stockton) is the name John William McIntosh who I believe is my relative from my mothers side (Tippey) John William McIntosh served with 2nd battalion DLI. No. 8946 he died 21st September 1914 (France & Flanders). I believe his parents were my g grandparents, Margaret Murphy McIntosh & William McIntosh. William McIntosh was a boiler maker from London. Margaret Murphy McIntosh & William McIntosh had a daughter, Norah McIntosh, who married my grandad Walter Tippey. Any McIntosh’s out there who can help me, or Tippey’s. Over the last 2 years I’ve learned a lot about the Irish side of my family, the Casey’s, and wasn’t to surprised by the amount of Irish names on the memorial stone of lads lost in the great war. Anyone who can help please ask picturestockton team for my e-mail address. 16/11/2011 10:12:20


    • Just an update on the parents of John William McIntosh who served with the DLI killed in France at the begining of the great war, his mother Margaret Murphy McIntosh was born in Middlesbrough { i believe it should be Dublin } his father William McIntosh was born in West Hartlepool, i have all documents proving the parents William & Margaret are my maternal great grandparents, i would love to be in touch with any other McIntosh’s who live in the Stockton area, all the best Derek


  2. To Derek Casey: Margaret McIntosh (aged 37) and Nora (aged 5) were together in Stockton on the 1901 census. (‘findmypast’ has ‘Nora’. ‘Ancestry’ spell it ‘Kora’ but the transcription is not always accurate).29/02/2012 22:42:21


  3. John McIntosh, can you please help me solve a mystery? My maternal great grandmother was Margaret Murphy who married William McIntosh, they had a daughter Norah McIntosh who married Walter Tippey (my maternal grandparents). I have found no census with Norah on it living with parents. I was always told the John Willaim McIntosh on St Marys memorial was a relative, when Margaret Murphy McIntosh died in a catholic hospice I was taken to see her, I was only a baby or small child at the time. Can you help me solve the mystery of whether we are related? By the way on J.W. McIntosh’s attestment papers it gives Norah as next of kin, and all living at 29 Haffron st Stockton. Picture Stockton can give you my email address.29/02/2012 12:02:28


  4. In the short time since this posting I have had it confirmed that the name on St Mary’s memorial stone (pieta) J W McIntosh is my relative and that his parents were indeed my g grandparents. Would still love to be in touch with anyone who can connect to this. 16/11/2011 11:39:30


  5. Every time I see old photos like this one it gives me hope that one will turn up of my grandad Robert Casey. Can’t help but wonder how many Stockton lads came home on leave or had photos taken proudly showing them selves in thier uniforms to send home to mams & dads. Hoping one out there with grandad on but of course if photos not signed know one will ever know whos who. I do know that some time between 1912-14 my grandad and his mate Patrick Sullivan had a photo taken of them both in uniform, both served with the K.O.S.B, Patrick was killed 1915. Still waiting for information as to whether the photo has survived all these years.


  6. Stood left as we look is my grandfather, Herbert Jordison. I’m not 100% sure but I think he was in the Durham Light Infantry. The photo looks as though it was taken ‘in the field’ but again I dont know where, my father was only 3 when my grandfather died in 1928 so details are a little sketchy and dad’s no longer around to ask.


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