9 thoughts on “Auxilliary Fire Brigade in WW2

  1. When I started work at the Malleable in 1964, there were two Fairlambs worked there (not related as far as I know). Mark was security chief, and Tommy was a foreman or chargehand, possibly a plater. Its so long ago I’m not sure now. Tommy used to come into our office regularly to see the works engineer. If its the same chap, he was a happy go lucky.
    type, dark haired, shortish stout fellow, not sure how old he would be in 1964, possibly
    in his late 40s, early 50s.


    • Thanks for a prompt reply Bill, this was my father in law Tom. He worked there until his early death in the early 80’s, and yes your right he was a happy go lucky man always smiling cheers


  2. My father in law Thomas (Tom) Fairlamb who lived in Thornaby was an auxilliary fireman based at West Row Stockton during World War II. If anyone has any photos or memories of him I would love to hear from you.


  3. The comments made by F.P. Mee concerning the fire station brought back a few memories. During the 1950s I was a member of the Boys Brigade and a group of us went along to the Fire Station to do our ‘Firemans Badge'(I still have the badges I won from those days) I suspect that the fire Station was relocated sometime during the late 1960s early 70s but it was certainly in West Row/Prince Regent Street area when I left the town in 1963.


  4. I went to the Richard Hind School and the fire Chiefs son was in my class. I went home with him a couple of times to their house in Prince Regent Street next to the fire station. The fire Station stretched from Prince Regent Street through to West Row where the fire engine sheds were, plus a hose drying tower. I later worked at Francis Browns in Prince Regent Street and the fire station was still there then, well until I went in the army in 1947.


  5. Laurie Birch is first left front row.He lived in Grangefield Road and worked for himself as a French Polisher.He had two children,David and Susan last heard of in Australia and Oxfordshire respectively. His wife was Cissie Littlewood,sister of the Thornaby template makers.
    Sad to see Harry Thompson recently died. I was appreticed to him in 1951 in Stockton Forge Template Shop,he was opening bat for Norton C.C. and Durham County for many years.


  6. My Dad, Arthur Atkinson, is third from the left, back row. He told us that when they were in bed, waiting for a call-out, they could hear rats running about in the walls.


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