8 thoughts on “St. Bede Intermediate under 13s football team c1960/61

  1. Tony Kelsey in this photo was the son of Cliff Kelsey who was a turner at Head Wrightson’s Machine Shop, Thornaby, and worked on a big vertical borer with Jackie Hunter & George Outhwaite.


  2. The Murphy brothers have a older sister who married Alf Brockbank’s brother, Tom. Alf played in goal for St Bedes School, Stockton Boys & Durham County in 1956. Tommy Murphy was only little but he was a good footballing left-back who gave I.C.I. Cassel & Portrack Social Club good service, you must have played against him in the Teesside League, Dave. I wondered where you had gone to after playing for Acklam Steelworks & Keith Maude’s team.


  3. Yes, he most certainly is and they were all good players. I can rember Terry showing me how to tie laces so they were out of the way to kick the ball cleanly. These kids used to have games period in Durham road rec and from November to February it was an absolute mudbath. A few of them at that time lived in houses without bathrooms and had to scrub the mud off and then get into a tin bath in front of the fire. How times have changed. Anon you must have a good memory as I went abroad about 40 years ago but played in Germany and Israel at quite high levels.


  4. Is Dennis Murphy the kid brother of Terry & Tommy? Dave you look very angelic in this photo, I remember you as a flying winger who was not afraid to mix it with opposing full-backs.


  5. Certainly, obviously Bro Francis at the back.
    Back row; Leo Mulgrew, Dennis Murphy(from another footballing family), Tony Clancy, Ginger Howells, David Mills(now in Oz), Paul Richardson (a well known marathon runner who even to this day is still seen pounding the streets of Billingham and he will be 62ish and he still moves very well), Dave Hall. Front row; Tony Kelsey (took up boxing profesionally), Dave Cook, Jimmy Shepard (captain), Dave Corcoran and, last but not least, Stan Dixon (he could kick with his left foot, a real left footer). I know that Ginger Howells died in an accident whilst serving in the army in Germany.


  6. It looks like one of Kevin Mulgrew’s younger brothers on the left of the back-row, Dave can you put names to the rest of the team? I notice Brother Frances at the back who along with Ken Sawyer was one of the best sportmasters in the Stockton schools.


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