Staff at The Globe c1957

This photograph shows a group of staff at The Globe Theatre in 1957 when my mum Olive Davis was a usherette. The next picture showing was Night Unto Night with Ronald Regan. I assume because of the dress the latest film showing was a cowboy film but no idea of the name. Olive Davis is in the front row far left anyone know who the others are?

Photograph and details courtesy of Trevor Davis.

10 thoughts on “Staff at The Globe c1957

  1. The lady far right back row is my late mother Mrs Evelyn Elliot {nee} Mac Donald I have a similer photo with her in the same costume it can’t be 1957 it has to be before 1955 when I was born and my mother left the Globe.


  2. I used to be a Saturday matinee monitor at the Globe. I was about 13/14 at the time. We were not allowed torches in case we shone them on the screen. We had to be at the managers office before the kids were let in, I can’t remember if we got paid or not, I think we just got in for free.


  3. Aline, Beryl Ridley (now Harrison) is my cousin who lived at 72 Tarring Street and can certainly remember winning the competition you refer to way back in 1951 . It was organised by the ‘Girl’ comic (a sister publication to the ‘Eagle’) and the presentation was in the Globe . It was a Raleigh Hercules bike – sadly it is long gone to the scrapyard.

    However she still has the photo of the presentation which appeared in the comic and will try to dig it out.


  4. I loved going to the Globe in the 50s. I can still sing that song ‘the minors of the ABC’, we had great fun. I remember a girl in our street (Tarring Street) winning a brand new bicycle, her name was Beryl Ridley and she was presented it on the stage, but I can not remember what she won it for some sort of competition I think…


  5. ‘We are the boys and girls of Stockton the minors ABC – join in everybody’. I hated that you had to wait until next saturday to find out if tarzan would survive lol!


  6. I bet you got plenty of those lovely Strawberry Mivvi Lollies free. I always remember eating them at the minors during the interlude.


  7. Thanks for the photo Trevor. I used to love going to the Globe every saturday morning
    to the minors in the early 60s, for sixpence as I recall.


  8. My mum Olive Davis, front row far left, was a Usherette. The next picture showing was ‘Night unto Night’ with Ronald Ragan. I assume because of the dress the latest film showing was a cowboy film but no idea of the name. Can anyone name the others in the photo?


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