8 thoughts on “Saltholme Farm

  1. At the time of Chernobyl, Sir Walter Marshall, head of the the Atomic Energy Authority came on Newsnight to say that it could never happen here, and he could not understand why the Russians had built a nuclear plant so close to a big town. Well he had obviously forgotten about the proximity of Teesside’s nuclear reactor to Seaton Carew, Hartlepool and Redcar, and all the other towns along the river!


  2. Salthome farm brings back some not too happy memories, especially back in mid 60’s, when the only shortcut to Seaton Carew was along the ICI Pipeline that ran from Cowpen Village to Haverton Hill. We used to try to sneak past Salthome farm without being seen, but on many times we got caught and taken back to the Cowpen/Haverton Hill road in the back of an orange ICI land rover. Back then there was only two ways to get to Seaton Carew via Haverton hill, this way or walk the old track up to Greatham, then Seaton Lane. The last time I saw Salthome farm house, and the row of terraced houses there, was just before they knocked them all down back in summer 1993. Regarding The Nuclear power station,yes Fred, you can see it in the background. I never gave it much thought until the Chernobyl accident a few years back, now every time I see it the place sends shivers down my spine I thought it was to good to be true when they told us all it was closing in a few years only to be told that they propose to build another allong side it.


    • I started going to Saltholme Farm as a boy in the late fifties from our house on Samphire Street, worked and lived at the farm when I left school. I had the last cottage facing Seaton Road.


        • I lived in Saltholme Farm cottages in 1984/5 and worked with the livestock on Saltholme Farm. I know I have a few pictures but finding them is a different matter. Please bear with me and I will see what I can turn up.


          • Hello , my aunt and uncle lived in the cottages and my dad lived in swiss cottage over the Tees Road near Seal Sands roundabout. John Simpson , my grandad John also lived there


        • I have two photos of Saltholme Farm, the first shows one of the houses with a vehicle along side it, the other is captioned ‘The Last Tram at Saltholme’, this picture shows a derelict tram with a young woman sat on the platform, how the tram got there, why it got there and whose ‘Last Tram’ it was I have no idea.

          Both of these photos look to be from around the early 1950s.

          You can contact me at billinghamlad@gmail.com if you want copies.


  3. Can the Advanced Gas Cooled nuclear reactor at Hartlepool be seen in the background? If so this will be taken out of service in the next few years and will be another forgotten piece of Teesside’s history. This type of reactor is very efficient since it runs at high temperature. Unfortunately the high temperature pipe work slowly corrodes and the graphite core in the reactor tends to distort.


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