London Routemaster on Stockton High Street.

This picture is in reply to an incorrect comment regarding ‘United’ buses at Stockton depot. What your contributor actually saw was two of these ex London Routemasters which were held there pending export. The Engineering staff brought one out for a test run, which is how I got to photograph it.

Photograph and details courtesy of Christopher Hall.

2 thoughts on “London Routemaster on Stockton High Street.

  1. Northern General were the only provincial operator of the AEC Routemaster, The Northern examples had front entrances, and Northern had fifty of them delivered in two batches during the 1960s. They could be seen frequently in Stockton whilst working the M.bro – Durham service 55 from their introduction up to their withdrawal in 1980. Several are preserved and two of these are active in the North East. I will post a photo of one in Stockton soon.


  2. In Harry Conn’s book on Buses in the North East, a section on the Northern General Transport Co, shows a Routemaster in Durham. In 1963 Northern General placed an order for 18 routemasters and they entered service in May 1964. Although they had differences to the original London Routemasters they were basically the same vehicle.


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