Tilery Folk c1911

This group of 3 pictures are from Tilery in Stockton taken c1911. The 1st is left to right, Edith (Edie) Hedley, John Robert Hedley, and Jane Annie (Nannie) Hedley. Edie Hedley married Tommy Hughes in 1926, and Nannie Hedley married Tommy Kirby in 1925. Robert died in 1933 aged just 24.  I think this photograph was taken at the same time as the previous one, outside 18 Headlam Street. I am not sure what is happening inside the house, but it seems there are others waiting their turn to have their picture taken.

The 2nd is of Edith Hedley, I believe the babies are twins Hammon Barker Hedley and Frederick Oliver Hedley, but not 100% certain. In 1911 they were living at 18 Headlam Street, and this picture can be quite accurately dated, as sadly the twins died in 1911 within days of each other, aged just 4 months.

The 3rd is a group of children playing, I assume this to be somewhere in Tilery, taken about 1913.  I can only name the Hedley children:- 3rd from the left at the back Nannie Hedley, 4th from the left at the back Edie Hedley. Sitting on the kerb at the far right is John Robert Hedley. The ribbon on the Sailors hat of the boy seated 2nd from the right says “HMS ASIA”

Photographs and details courtesy of Ian Cartright.

14 thoughts on “Tilery Folk c1911

  1. Hi just seen photo my great aunt Edith Mary Oliver married William Robert Hedley in 1905 and lived at 18 Headlam Street so interesting to see photo of distant relative.


      • Hi Debbie.
        Nannie (Annie Jane) Hedley was my Gran’s sister and married Tommy Kirby.
        My Gran was Edie (Edith) Hedley who married Tommy Hughes and they lived in 36 Headlam Street.
        They moved to the (then) new old peoples bungalow’s on Albany around about 1970.


        • What a small world I always remember my dad talking about Nannie Kirby moving to NZ he always was going to go but never did dad really 😞


    • Lyn, Biddy & Billy lived in Danby Road, their son’s Jack & Billy were friends of my dad Robert Casey, Biddy & Bill (William) were good friends of my Casey grandparents Robert & Beatrice Casey, they all moved from old part of Stockton, Thistle Green, Housewife Lane area and moved into Swainby & Danby Road, all very nice people, biddy had a brother Pat Sullivan who was mates with my grandad Robert, both joined the Kings Own Scottish Borders together, only my grandad Robert survived the great war, Biddy (I was to learn all too late) had a photograph of my grandad Robert & Pat in their uniforms, how I wish I could have gotten hold of a copy as I never saw what my grandad Robert looked like.
      All the best.


  2. I seem to remember young Harry Cartwright being a good goalkeeper. He worked in his dads shop. Did he go to Richard Hind School?


    • Hi Bob, You are quite right about Harry being a good goalkeeper, and yes, he did go to Richard Hind. If you look elsewhere on this site,there is a picture of him in the 1947-48 football team.


  3. Mary Hughes married Harry Cartwright who’s parents had the Post Office in Tilery Rd. Also I remember an old lady, Mrs Hedley, living in Craister St & two of her daughters lived over the road from us in Craister St, they were Edie Donaldson & Ethel Smith.


  4. I have faint memories of Edie and ‘Nannie’ Hedley from the 1940’s and early 1950’s era also Tommy Hughes (whom I can picture quite well) when I lived in Headlam Street. I remember a Mary Hughes – would she be their daughter? I also have a faint recollection of someone in the family moving abroad, Australia maybe, and also a connection with the Post Office in Tilery Road – did you work in this Post Office Ian?


    • Hi Maureen, Edie and Tommy were my Gps, Mary is my mam. Nannie (Hedley) and Tommy Kirby moved to NZ when I was quite young, sometime in the 1960`s I think. My Mam, Mary Hughes married Harry Cartwright, and it was my Dad who worked at the Post Office.


  5. Do you know if Tommy Hughes lived in Hasswell St? His mother called ada? If so my grandad was Tommy’s brother, Edith’s brother-in-law. Thank you for the photo


    • Hi Pauline, the Tommy Hughes in this post was born in 1905, his sister was Cora, brother Dave, his parents were Samuel and Isabella. He married Edith (Edie) Hedley in 1928.


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