A Stockton Coronation c1952

This photograph was taken in 1952/3 celebrating the Queens coronation, I was chosen to be Queen, my maid of honor was Margaret Robson the boy was called Jimmy Melville, Margaret and I both lived in Buxton Street and Jimmy I think lived in Emmanuel Street. It was a lovely occasion the streets were all decorated.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bill Charlton on behalf of the ‘Queen’.

9 thoughts on “A Stockton Coronation c1952

  1. I remember the day very well. We lived next door to the Melville family in Emmanuel street. The street had rows and rows of triangular red white and blue flags strung across it. Buxton street was the best decorated in the area. I had great friends in the area, Paul Marwood, Harry Robson and Raymond Payne. We seemed to spend all our time playing on the railway or over Browns Foundry, happy Days.


    • I well remember that I too used the railway and Browns Foundry as a playground, along with Denis Umpleby and other lads from the streets that Geoff Wright mentions. Geoff is the younger brother of Ken and Eileen Wright from Emmanuel Street. I don’t know if Geoff remembers, but he shared godfather duties with me for Stephen Davis, son of Alan, many years ago. I have a photograph of Geoff and myself taken on the day of the christening. Stephen is probably 40 years old now with his own family, living in Perth, Australia. Indeed all of the Davis family live there now, I am in touch with Alan weekly via email.


  2. Ted….Yes, the Bill Charlton you know is my late father who indeed was a fine and respected player in the band world. I do have photos of the Malleable band which might be of interest to you, will get them on the site


  3. I lived in 12 Buxton St, our neighbours were the Robsons in No 10 and the McKenzies in No 14 I was sixteen when this photo was taken, I vaguely remember these young ones. Is Bill Charlton the photographer any relation to the cornet player Bill Charlton who played in the Malleable Brass Band the same time as myself. A fine player who in his later years suffered arthritis in his fingers ,restricting his playing, a very keen bandsman.


    • Hello Ted, Nice surprice to read your comments on Picture Stockton regarding Bill Charlton. When I joined the band in 1958 Bill was a respected and good bandsman who also kept detailed records of players and engagements. I have those records which you are mentioned. The band is doing really well at the moment. This year we came 4th in the 2nd section of the north of England Championships and 2nd in the Durham brass band league. Also we are the north of England quartette champions. I have been conducting the band since 1972 upon Dick Freelands retirement. Dick remained the bands president until his death in 1991 at the grand age of 93. I hope you are keeping well Ted and if you sent me your contact details I will send you a copy of our CD. Regards Vaughan Evans.


  4. John just to let you know my wife Pauline Nee Mckenzie is the queen on the photo not me!!! I just happened to put the photo on the site, Pauline often talks about the good old days in Buxton Street hard times but good times.


    • Yes Bill I remember Pauline in her role as the Queen, also Jimmy Melville from Emmanuel Street playing the part of Prince Phillip. Great photograph, thanks for posting.


  5. Wonderful to see this photograph, I remember the day well. Margaret Robson was my late sister, we lived at 10 Buxton Street in those days. If I am not mistaken the streets around the area were judged on their decoration and presentation such as in this picture, Buxton Street winning first prize. My sister’s and remaining Robson family will be pleased to see this photograph, probably for the first time. Thank you for sharing it here.


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