An Outing from Harrisons Printers?

The first picture is, I am pretty sure, an outing from from Harrisons Printers in Stockton, the only person I can name is Cora Dickinson 2nd from the left at the back, (although at the time of the picture she would still be Cora Hughes.)

I really don’t have a clue about the second image, but it may be the “Male” section from the other outing as they are all women in the first picture.

Photographs courtesy of Ian Cartwright

2 thoughts on “An Outing from Harrisons Printers?

  1. I came across this picture just before entering a request under an earlier one.The name HUGHES,is,I understand a common one in the N.E.?This,again,wil be a long shot.Is CORA HUGHES known to anyone,was she in some way related to DAVE and MARY HUGHES of(last known address to 1956ish) 145 WEARDALE CRES……old ICI estate……unless there is/was more than one!! Any feedback would be of help to me,only got a short time left.Thanks.


    • Hi Larry, Cora Hughes is my G Aunt, Mary Hughes is my Mother, Dave Hughes is my G Uncle. Cora married Albert (Dick) Dickinson who was a fitter at ICI, Mary Hughes married my Dad Harry Cartwright, Dave Hughes married Mary (Mollie) Ellis and they emigrated to Australia in 1968.


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