8 thoughts on “Richard Hind School Cricket Teams

  1. How about something on the 1947-1952 years? The only name I’ve come across that I recognise is Ken Sawyer (I passed GCE including RK 1952). Must be something/somebody from my years?


  2. The photo on the left six of these lads were in the school football team; Ray Pogson, Brian Summerhill, Norman Emmerson, Tony Elliot, Dougie Cattermole and Jim Shaw.


  3. Vaguely remember playing in the team which won the “Richard Hodgson Tyson” (not quite sure of the name) shield at Stockton C C about 1958ish.Mick Gilhooley playing as wicket keeper. First photo second from left back row I believe is Geof Stephenson.


  4. 1st photo left back-row Ray Pogson,?,Ian Stone,Brian Summerhill,?,?,front row L to R ?,Norman Emmerson,?,Tony Elliot,?,Dougie Cattermole,Jim Shaw.Photo on the right,back-row Pogson,Elliot,?,McBride,McEwan,Atkinson,front-row Emmerson,Gilhooley,Heath,Summerhill,?.


  5. Many comments have been made related to Ken Sawyer being a good coach and motivator of football teams at Richard Hind. His talents were not restricted to football and he provided the opportunity for pupils to participate in many other activities. Ken do you remember these cricket teams you coached around 1955-1957. Any chance you can recall the names of the pupils.


    • Nice to see Brian Summerhill and Dougie Cattermole in the left hand picture looking as I remember them. On right hand picture it is, I think, Barry ( Ted ) Heath in the centre front row. Great days and memories of the 50s


    • Right hand picture has Mick Gilhooley 2nd left front row and back row from right is Barry Atkinson, Brian McEwan and John McBride.


    • Sorry I cannot recall any names now. I am very tired these days due to severe pain in my feet due to damaged nerves from a rare peripheral neuropathy 19 years ago.pdn-info.co.uk
      Normal pain killers do not work. I also enjoyed those RHS years.


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