Winner of the W. Walker Challenge Cup, 1930s

These photographs are of my late grandfather, Walter Henry Rushworth, with his prize winning horse Dolly at Millfield Coalyard and at Norton Show collecting the W. Walker Challenge Cup, during the 1930’s.
Does anyone have any more photo’s of the Millfield Coalyard or have information where the Cup is presently located?

Photograph and details courtesy of Michael Thompson.

2 thoughts on “Winner of the W. Walker Challenge Cup, 1930s

  1. Alan B. Thanks, I’m glad you like the photo’s. My late grandfather lived at 18 Mary Street for a short while after moving from Whitton to Stockton. Did you have relatives who worked for the Millfield Coalyard. My mother can still remember some of the people who worked there.
    Michael T


  2. Great photos. The Millfield Coal Companies, Millfield Coal Depot, was on the east side of Mary Street, actually 21 Mary Street near Riley Street, south of the Riley Boiler Works. An entrance to the depot is possibly just visible on the right side of the photo of two young girls in Mary Street c.1950 already on Picture Stockton. Mary Street ran north immediately after the Yarm Lane railway overbridge if coming from Stockton centre. The LNER described the Millifield Coal Companies, Millfield Depots, as on the west side of the railway, south of Stockton station, to be supplied from North Shore Yard.


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