4 thoughts on “Mandale Road – 1979

  1. In 1971, I attended first aid classes at the St Johns Ambulance Brigade at these premises.
    Divisional Surgeon: Dr J. J. McGraph
    Divisional Superintendent Edward Wallace Fuszard
    Divisional Hon. Treasurer J. Allen
    Divisional Secretary W. Herron


  2. I remember a couple of days spent painting the interior of St Johns hall during summer of 1976. We were a group of apprentices from ICI Billingham and while the tradesmen were out on strike during that long hot summer of discontent, we were not allowed to strike so were sent out to do various tasks in the community.
    I remember it being so hot and just wanting to get out and ride my newly bought Yamaha RD250 motorcycle, though I seem to remember we did get fliers most days…


  3. Kevin Cooney was my lovely Uncle the Cooney family lived 55 Back Mandale Road ie their house was behind/above the wool?shop next to the bank on the corner or the one after? He also ran the East India Rubber company out of Kaufmans shop I am sure one of the two was Uptons at some point?


  4. An interesting photo. On the right is a bank – Martins Bank, then the St Johns hall. On Monday nights it was used for ‘children’s first aid lessons’, learning how to wrap arms, legs, and fingers with bandages etc. Then next door Mr Kaufman’s Carpet shop, Kevin Cooney worked there, it was rumoured Mr Kaufman was a German [of the Jewish faith] who had to flee the Nazis prior to 1939, others said he may have been an Holocaust Survivor but I think the first description was the more accurate of the two. Across the road, in George Street, was another Jewish shop keeper, Mr Isaac Bloom who ran and owned Blooms Pawn Shop. The next two shops I don’t recall, then there was a bank. Then on the next corner Pumphreys Icing Flour works.


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