Roseworth Secondary Modern pupils – 1962?

This picture shows a class of Roseworth Secondary Modern pupils.  It may have been taken in 1962.   Back Row – L/R  Me, Jeff?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Alan Bisto   Third Row – Barry Lewis, ?, Ian Black, George Hart?, Ronnie Evans, Stewie Potter, Tony Woodhouse?, Keith Chapman, ?Second Row – Kenny Holderson, ?, Jean Holderson, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Shaw?, ? Front row – Sorry girls I remember all your faces but not your names, and I cannot remember the teachers name. 

Photograph  and details courtesy of Ian Foxton

16 thoughts on “Roseworth Secondary Modern pupils – 1962?

  1. Is there anybody who reads this page have memory of Mr Bell class at Roseworth Secondary Modern School or LEB as he was knowen his name in reverse.


  2. I think the boy 2nd from the right is my brother David and not Ian, he died after being run over at Norton duck pond. Sorry, it’s the third row and its definitely our Dave. Sorry for confusion.


    • Hi Ken I’m sure that your sister worked as a secretary at William Newton school on Junction Road in 1959,and I do remember your brother David too,very tragically killed.


      • hello yes our Sheila was the secretary and our Dave being run over at Norton duck pond our family have never really got over it it also affected the way we or at least I brought our kids up I wouldn’t allow them bikes. Still long time ago now but still in our thoughts he would have been retired now.


        • Thankyou so much for that Ken, a terrible waste of life and I can fully understand your not wanting bikes for your children. As for Sheila she was a really good secretary, I can imagine Miss Potts giving her the runaround.


          • yes I live in Kent after being in the royal engineers and we travelled north recently in March as our oldest brother Brian had died after a short illness she lives in Acklam now I spoke to her on the phone last


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