Stanhope Camp with the Army cadets – 1965

                                                                          These  photographs show Captain Harry Rigg and his detachment at Stanhope Camp in about 1965.  I (Sgt Wade) am the chap larking about with the axe in the first picture. Most of the lads names on this picture have gone from my memory.  The second picture is of a small group of us after a Mayor’s Day Parade in Seaton. Aside from myself in the rear line are Lt. Robinson and Sgt.Mjr George Hope.  I have a good collection of 35mm shots, which I have just finished editing, all in the 1960’s which are available to any old lads. I still live in Fairfield and would love to hear from any old pals or anyone who can help me to pin names to the faces I recall.Photographs and details courtesy of Derek Wade

4 thoughts on “Stanhope Camp with the Army cadets – 1965

  1. I was a cadet at Sea burn Det, I had a few great times at Stanhope Army Cadet Camp. The first time I was there, I went running down the bank from the camp, to the woods, lost my footing & slid the rest of the way down on my backside, that was back in 1973, I still laugh when I think of it!


  2. Hello Malcolm,
    Apologies for the delay in replying: I forgot to tick the box which indicates that I wish to be notified of all comment by e-mail. It was not until I wondered why nothing had happened that I looked again and found my mistake.

    Despite my terrible memory, you do strike a bell. My early days I think; about 1960? I believe that Ken was made up when you left and he later helped give me a leg up to S.I. I certainly have lots of pics with George and Ken on and would be delighted to pass a copy of them on. Suggest that you request PicturesStockton let you have my e-mail number, then we can sort out the details etc.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again,

    Derek Wade.


  3. Try some of these names Derek; Alan Maidman, Eric Carr, John Carr, Colin Morgan, John McDonald, John Portland and of course Derek (the axeman) Wade, my memory doesn’t stretch to the other 7!


  4. I am an ex s.m.i. A coy 12 years in the A.C.F. George Hope was one of my band lads, Ken Robinson a good friend would like to see your photos if still available. The cp/l drummer on your right… unable to remember his name but have him on one of my photos. Nice to see yours.


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