2nd Thornaby (Salvation Army) Scout Troop, Osmotherley – 1949

Another photo of the 2nd Thornaby (SA) Scouts, at the end of their summer camp near Osmotherley, this time in 1949. The lady sitting on the left is Mrs Pillar, the Scoutmaster’s wife, next to her is their son (or son-in-law…), then in the centre is George (“Skipper”) Pillar, the Scoutmaster, holding their dog, our mascot.Photograph and detail courtesy of Keith Gordon

2 thoughts on “2nd Thornaby (Salvation Army) Scout Troop, Osmotherley – 1949

  1. The Scoutmaster and his wife were my grandparents Samuel and Rachel Pillar, it is their son in law Les Bland in the photo with them. My father, Ken Pillar and mother Val took us children to the Osmotherly Scout camps with our Grandparents as well and great fun was had by all.


  2. My name is John Scott, I and my brother are on this picture of the Thornaby Scout Troop. My brother David id second from the left, in the front row and I am at the right side, with the scout hat on my knee. I cherish the memories of my time with the scout group and our much loved leader skipper Pillar. We had many good experiences at the camp site near Osmotherly. If anyone from the troop reads this review I would appreciate contact. Picture Stockton will happily forward you my email address.


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