St Johns School Football Team – 1967/8

A photograph of St Johns Junior School Football team taken in the 1967-68 season.
Teachers at the Back : –  Left Mr Wilkinson, Right Mr Stones
Back row, left to right :  ??, ??, Billy Jackson, Ian Cartwright (me)
Middle row, left to right : ??, ??, Neil Taylor,
Front left to right : Gary Nugent, Keith Nugent.Photograph and detail courtesy of Ian Cartwright

6 thoughts on “St Johns School Football Team – 1967/8

  1. Hi Ian, John Bowron, Trevor Collett, Paul Fisher, Trevor Teet or Tiite. I have a photo somewhere with me on the team. I must have been dropped that season!!!..I remember the good times at St.Johns.


    • Hi Chris, would that be Chris Corner?
      From memory, I think it was Trevor Tiit and he lived down Newtown in Lambpton Road.
      This must have been taken when we were in 3rd year juniors, because most of the lads in this photograph were in the year above us, so that is maybe why you were not in it.


      • Yes it is Trevor Tiit. He is now a teacher himself at a Special School in Middlesbrough. (I work with him. I can recognise him from the other photo of St John’s Primary School.) He lives in Yarm now.


  2. Mr Stones again. I remember the strip. Orange & Black. I played for the school team more than once. One thing I can remember is scoring a goal from the half way line into the goal that would have been towards what is now know as the ring road. It was a windy day and the wind helped it on it’s way.


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