Holy Trinity Boys School – 1951

t12287A class photograph of Holy Trinity Boys School. Senior One taken in 1951.

Form master, Mr. E. Thompson. Centre row.  From left, 1st, Llewellyn WILLIAMS, 2nd, Peter BARON. At far end, Brian TAYLOR. Top row, From the right, 1st, HONEYMAN and  3rd, John BLAKEY. I was saddened to find on the site a mention of Mr. Thompson having passed away around 1971, as he can only have been around 50 years of age. I considered him to be the best of the Senior teachers and still admire his psychology when driven to administer punishment.  Unlike the others, he eschewed caning the hand – the latter favoured by other masters, apparently with relish! He favoured the use of an an old Plimsoll (Tennis shoe) on the backside. With a long-suffering, (‘Oh, when will you learn’) bored complaint about being forced to use it, he managed to inflict much less pain and at the same time engender embarrassment in the recipient, rather than resentment. An ex-naval man, I remember; younger, and in a different class to the other senior masters and the Head.
Photograph and details courtesy of Llewellyn Williams.

22 thoughts on “Holy Trinity Boys School – 1951

  1. Mr Thompson had much less hair when I was at HT in 1961-63. His class was S1, and IIRC he ran the film club and also did chemistry demonstrations.


  2. Enjoyed the film and class photographs. I remembered some of the faces and facts of the football team. Enjoyed the day off after school service in Holy Trinity church.


  3. I have class photos from 1951, not sure how to post them.
    I started at Coatham Grammar School in Redcar in 1951, then had to move to Mbro HS in 1952 because we moved to N. Ormesby. After university I emigrated to Canada and finally to the USA. HT was a great school. I visit Norton whenever I’m back home because I have so many happy memories of my first 9 years.
    Des Simpson


  4. Norman Honeyman who is mentioned in tbis photograph was a very good goalkeeper, we all used to hang around in Ropner Park and he was always up for a game with us.He had no fear of diving around to save any sort of shot.


    • Yes Dave I have commented on a previous posting about the excellent goalkeeping ability of Norman Honeyman. I have not seen him around Stockton for quite sometime, the last time was in Yarm Road. Sadly his mobility was very restricted, even so he still carried a smile on his face.


    • My Grandfather appears in this photograph. From left, 2nd, is James Peter Barron. It appears to be mis-spelt here. He passed away on the 16th of September 2013. Did anyone know him?


      • Charlotte, was your g/father in the Teesside/Cleveland Police and stationed at Stockton, if so he was there at the same time as me from 1968-72 when I left. He was also a good footballer who played for the Stockton Police and also represented his Force team.


      • The Peter Barron who served his time as a boilermaker at Stockton Forge, then joined the police force to become a sergeant, who died a few years ago while refereeing a football match was not as old as these lads in the photo, he went to Richard Hind School & he also played football for Head Wrightsons & Newham Grange.


      • Charlotte, ‘better late than never.’ I’m afraid that I’ve just caught up with this site again after posting pix in 2011. At that time I had seen a note that Brian Taylor had already passed away (far too young), and I’m sorry to now hear that Peter has also gone. They were both already at Trinity when I arrived in 1951, and as we’d previously met and chatted in the High Street, we then became the ‘three bespectacled Musketeers’ – until Peter left to transfer to Tech college, as I believe that he wanted to be a Toolmaker. The joke was that each term we shared the three top places in exams. This naturally engendered whispers of accusations of ‘cheating’ which were totally confounded because, although usually within one TOTAL mark of each other, our individual subject marks were vastly different. With Peter always gaining top marks in Maths, Brian the same in Geography and myself in English, our other results were all over the place! I wonder if (unlike myself) Peter managed to hang onto his incredibly abundant head of hair? I’m afraid that I cannot add much to this. I’ve noted with the later photo posted that the only class member whom I ever met after moving to London immediately on leaving Trinity in ’54 was John Blakey – around 40 years later.


      • Family connections

        James Peter Barron 1938-2013 (2nd cousin 1x removed of wife)
        Edgar Horn Barron 1895-1982 (Father of James Peter Barron)
        George Barron 1868-1941 (Father of Edgar Horn Barron)
        James Barron 1835-1878 (Father of George Barron)
        John Charles Barron 1862-1895 (Son of James Barron)
        James Barron 1885-1931 (Son of John Charles Barron)
        Eva Barron 1929-2016 (Daughter of James Barron)
        Sandra Collins 1956- (Daughter of Eva Barron)
        Michael Hymer (Husband of Sandra Collins)

        I am tracing my family heritage (& Sandra) on Ancestry UK, WikiTree and as a member of the Cleveland Family History Society.


  5. I’m trying to contact Llewellyn Williams who posted the above photo,my parents were good friends with him back in the 1950’s and 60’s Nova “(Thomas) and ken Robinson.


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