6 thoughts on “Pumphreys Jam Factory

  1. To answer John Bond’s question, I believe the photos were ‘rescued’ from a waste bin when the factory was closing down.
    The early photo I estimate to be c.1920 ; and I think the other 3 were taken when the new building (what you see when you drive past nowadays) was opened in the 1920s/30s.
    This is based on the presence of the Mayor, etc in the photo outside the main door.

    The photo of the staff on the roof was featured on 13/3/2009, in the Gazette’s “Remember When” column and quotes that the photo was taken on New Year’s Day 1933. If anyone can confirm when the new place opened, I would be grateful.


    • Hi Keith,
      My Grandma worked at the factory too (Nora Hillerby), she died in 1953 aged 42 years and so there are very few photographs of her. Do you know of any other places that may have photographs, so that I can perhaps find one of her at work. She worked in the labs testing the jam. Thank you

      Kind regards



    • Hi Keith,
      My father Walter Gutteridge worked with your father. As a child remember him talking about him. I think your fathers name was Kevin or Clifford.
      My father was a motor fitter.


  2. bottom left photo, that’s my mam, Irene Heslop,second from left, second row down.
    I think she left Queen Vic School in about 1927/8 to work at the factory putting loose sugar into bags.
    I have never seen this photo before. anymore know where that came from?


  3. Are there any pictures of the Co-op jam factory which was in Tower St Stockton? My sister worked there for a number of years & in the strawberry season used to come home covered in juice!


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