5 thoughts on “A Deltic at Norton West

  1. I will always remember while I was working as a guard at Tees Yard in the late 70’s, early 80’s, being rostered to cover a main line parcels turn from Newcastle to York, due staff unavailability at Newcastle, when I got to York had to work a main line passenger back to Newcastle, at the head was a Deltic, the number and name I have forgotten in the passage of time, but while checking the train and walking through the coaches, two elderly women asked me if the heating could be turn on as they been cold all the way from London, I said I would ask the driver, after checking the train I went to the Locomotive and the driver opened the cab window and I asked him if he could start the boiler to warm the train, I thought he would tell me where to go with the next and final stop being Newcastle, but the secondman pop up and said OK, and went in the engine room, the train did not start to warm up till we got passed Darlington, this was the only time that I ever worked with a Deltic, travelled home pass in the back cab of Deltics plenty of times though.


  2. Peter, looking at the number it ends with a 5 and with the short name plate I would say it was 55 015 “Tulyar” a Finsbury Park located locomotive.


  3. I used to train spot when I was younger so I will have seen that Deltic. What a lovely engine and noise they made.
    Wonder what the name of that engine was.


    • Peter, it is almost certainly, Tulyar (55015) shedded at Finsbury Park, Kings Cross, shown by its white cab surround.
      This loco was withdrawn in 1982 and preserved, it still exists today and is located at Barrow Hill.


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