9 thoughts on “The Blue Caps

  1. Delighted that the Blue Caps got a stellar star recently. My brother Charles (Charlie) Peacock played bass guitar in the original line up. I remember them practicing one Sunday afternoon in the dining room at my mam’s house in Roseworth. Also remember them playing at Crimdon Dene. Hope all the people out there who were fans enjoyed their concerts and had a really good time.


    • Julie do you remember when your family lived in Thompson Street between Frederick St. and Byron St. with the Allens and O’briens ( Mick, Patsy and Peter) as your neighbours?


      • I wasn’t born then but I do remember Thompson Street being talked about with fondness. I am sure Charlie and my sister will remember. My auntie (Laura Alderson) also lived there and I remember visiting her and there being soot everywhere as a bird had flown down the chimney. My mam and dad also had the greengrocers shop in Garbutt Street.


    • During the 60s myself and friends used to go to the Knights of Columba on Church Road on a Thursday night to watch and dance to the Blue Caps. Enjoyed the music and expect lots of others did at the time.


  2. Great photos Eric, I just wondered what power amps you used to play at the Globe and did you need to hire in anything more powerful to fill that vast auditorium?


    • Our backline amps consisted of 3 15w Dulci power amps thro 2 x 12″ speakers and a 15″ for the bass. I think we used the in house p.a.


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