Nightclub Flyers 1960s

In the mid 60’s I used to spend holidays with my grandparents in Brignall Road Stockton-on.Tees. My mother was born in Stockton but moved to Norfolk in the 1940’s to do her war service in the ATS.   She met my father in Norwich whom she later married and after the war she settled in Norfolk.  On my frequent visits I discovered and visited all the Bailey Night Clubs in the north east. As a young 17 year old it was an unbelievable experience after the peace and quiet of rural Norfolk.  My favourite club was Tito’s in Brunswick Street where I played roulette, blackjack etc. watched many famous names perform including  – Dave Allen, Lulu and The Luvers, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Fortunes and met some lovely Stockton girls, one in particular called Pamela who I think at that time lived in Newlands Avenue, Stockton. Wonderful days, sadly long gone but the memories still remain.  I have attached various flyers from that period which I recently discovered and which may be of interest.

Posters and details courtesy of Brian Godfrey

10 thoughts on “Nightclub Flyers 1960s

  1. I remember The Fiesta Club I was the original Fiesta Fawn & posed for the publicity photos which were in the Gazette before the club opened. It was a great place to work I left, & then went back in the early 70s to work in The Rosewood Lounge with Dottie. We met many really top class acts & I remember Alma Cogan being there & the first artist to work with a radio mike, walking down the stairs from the dining area.


    • I only know it was late 60s around 1968, I still have the autographed photo he gave my brother Mike. He had a short ride on Mike’s racing bike, said it was great after being busy as a star and no time for ordinary things in life. He was a great singer.


  2. I use to work for the Bailey Org. First at Titos in Stockton as a Bouncer. Then Mirimba in Middlesbrough as a Bouncer/ Lighting Tech. Also on odd nights at Contessa Midlesbrough as a Bouncer. On my night off I went to Fiesta, great Shows. I met Lots of top names in the 60s. I was 18 to 20 at that time, I thought it was a great life. Not to many bad fights. We had plate glass doors. Mirimba was the worst as it was near the Docks.
    Plus lots of police mates who dropped in. Anyway brings back happy days, I’ve been in Canada since 1967 but talk every week to a friend in Stockton on Ham Radio. Ian in Canada.


  3. The Fiesta was my second home, my mum worked at the fish and chip shop over the road from the Fiesta, so I got free tickets for the fish shop advertising in their window. Great groups and stars, can’t imagine stars like Tom Jones- Roy Orbison-Gene Pitney-Cliff Richard playing at small venues, but they did. Good value for money even when I had to pay to see them, never had any problems with fights, even when I walked home down Norton Avenue home to Ragworth. Good times


    • I saw The Beach Boys at the Fiesta. I still have the set list,and their autographs.I also saw the Four Seasons twice, can you imagine it, fantastic. I played drums for local band The Delmonts. We played all the Bailey clubs, with some really big names. I courted a girl called Nora who worked at Titos, she was the managers secretary, but she would sometimes help out in the club on busy nights. I’m still a jobbing drummer but I do miss those


  4. Some great stuff here Brian. I wish I had been old enough to go to Tito’s in the 1960’s, I would have loved to have seen the Bonzo Dog Do Dah band


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