3 thoughts on “Stockton and Darlington 1925 Railway Celebrations

  1. The middle photograph showing the procession, was taken along the stretch of line between Eaglescliffe and Stockton Cut Junction, the spectators stands are in the fields on the Preston Park side of the line. From reading articles from NER books the the Loco, Locomotion No 1 at the time was powered by a petrol engine and that cotton waste was set alight to produce the smoke effect from the funnel.


  2. I found some details of the saddle tank 6469 on the website ‘LNER Encyclopedia’ which revealed an interesting history. It was one of 14 miscellaneous former contractor’s engines bought by the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway (which became the Great Central Railway in 1899) to work at Immingham Docks. They were designated Class 4 by the GCR, this one numbered 407B. It was built by Manning Wardle in 1873, purchased by the MS & LR in 1878 and withdrawn from LNER service in 1929. It seems an odd choice for the Centenary cavalcade as it was neither designed or built by a railway company, unless it was used in the Stockton area.


  3. If my bearings are correct, one of these lines would have been to Stockton, near to the old but still existing ticket office (the left line I think), from Darlington. The other line went from Newcastle to York. The lines crossed near Urlay Nook. Oxbridge School children were taken to somewhere near where the ‘bricky’ now is, to watch the train with all the men in top hats standing on the wagons ride by. I can not recall being told by my father-in-law if ladies were on board or not. Its a pity the pictures definition is poor; I may have been able to spot my father-in-aw, Ray Jennings and brother Horace among the crowd.


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