4 thoughts on “West End Football Club – 1944/45

  1. I must correct myself. This is the West End Minors’ team of that season.
    Back row: Ken Holligan, A Outhwaite, Reg Furphy, Rex Hazelton, John Gill, C Clements, A Ridge.
    Front Row: Harry Emmerson – team manager, Jack Thomas, Barry Dumble, Matt Wells (Secretary), B Lee (Chairman), T Wells (trainer), Ron Snowden, Brian Booth, K Wilkinson (committee).
    In the past there was another photo on the archive of West End Junior and Minor teams plus the 3 young lady supporters. It was taken on the same day I believe. I have a copy with all the names on. If the past one has not turned up I will send mine in if desired.


  2. Ken Rhodes submitted a similar photo in the people section with the names: (submitted this photo by kind permission of Mavis Holligon). It could be one of the first teams put out by West End, I dont know. Back Row: JohnPike, Alf Cordukes, Alan Smith, Ken Cook, Jack Conners, Alan Webster, Alf Holligon. Front Row: Harry Emerson, Denis Noble, Tom Dumble (captain) Matt Wells, B.Lee, Mr Wells, Wilf Tennet, Sammy John and Ken Wilkinson.


  3. Goalkeeper back-row centre is Rex Hazelton who later played for Stockton in their FA Cup run in the fifties and was a schoolteacher. Harry Emmersonis front-row left he was a good referee in the fifties and sixties and front-row 3rd from right is Snowden.


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