7 thoughts on “Wilyman & Son, painting contractors c1921

  1. Yes. I also remember it as a stamp back then. I also recall the old lady would stand behind the counter as you turned page after page of what seemed to be a huge album to view the stamps that you wished to purchase.


  2. The name of the art supplies company was George Rowney ,still trading today. The company dates back to the late 18th century and is reputed to have supplied J.M. Turner with materials.


  3. Mr Wilyman obviously also showing his prowess at the now dying art of sign-painting on his shopfront. Just look at those beautiful typefaces, no doubt all hand-painted off a ladder, or battened trestle. This was at a time when many lads who had an ‘artistic’ leaning, went into the Painting & Decorating trade, where ‘mixing’ your own colours, creating ‘grained wood’, ‘marbleising’, or other ‘false’ finishes with paint, as well as signwriting and gilding were all taught as part of your apprenticeship skills. These skills being certainly very relative, Artist’s materials were therefore often stocked by ‘decorators merchants’ such as above. I recall Ellis Whateley’s Decorators and Contractors in Linthorpe Rd, M’bro having a very large Art Dept within their store during the 1950’s-60’s.


  4. I wonder if this is the same Wilyman that was a stamp shop in the 1950s & 60s.
    That shop also stood in Nelson Terrace, and I recall an elderly lady appearing from a back room to serve you.


    • I went into this shop many times as a boy as I lived just around the corner in Milbank St. I remember it sold stamps among other things, I think it was run by an old lady. It was then taken over by the Gazette. The Regent Pub, which was just across the road, was to be one of my first watering holes.


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