9 thoughts on “The Mulberry Tree Pub

  1. Since being taken over in recent weeks by a well known local businessman, the pub is now once again under it’s former name The North Eastern.


  2. I believe that the North-Eastern pub, Maxwells school-outfitters, The Lambton Castle pub all stood on an area known as ‘Union Square’ being at the junction of the High Street, Bishopton Road and Norton Road. The ‘Mulberry Tree’ name was adopted by Bass Breweries when the pub was given a revitalisation ‘makeover’ in the mid 1990’s. I understand that it refers to a large mulberry tree that was situated in the garden area, behind one of the properties adjacent to the old Police-station on Church Road. In one of the rear rooms of the pub (before it was altered) there was a small but very unusual and elaborately carved bar-fitting. I also recall that in the other downstairs ‘sitting-room’, adjacent to the main-bar area, there were bell-pushes situated around the wall, via which a waiter could be summoned. Ah!…for the days of such service?


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