7 thoughts on “Haverton Hill Railway Station – 1919

  1. The station Master was my grandfather, hence my interest. Richard move to near Hayburn Wyke Rly Station near Scarborough. He died 1929.


  2. Between 1901 &1914 Richard Brammall was the Station Master at Haverton Hill.In 1911 his address was Railway House.He was married to Hannah Brammall.They had a number of children, among whom, was an Alfred Robinson Brammall, born in 1889.
    Alfred served with the Royal navy during the First World war, and was killed at the Battle of Jutland on HMS Indefatigable.
    There is an A Brammall commemorated on the Haverton Hill war memorial.Can anyone confirm if it is Alfred Robinson Brammall who is commemorated?


  3. What a great idea a combined bridge and a station! This bridge has been replaced but the remains of the cobbled street seen in this picture are still there.


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