Charter Day, Thornaby Police – 1892


Police line up outside Thornaby Police Station in 1892 to celebrate Charter Day. Thornaby’s civic independence was assured when in 1892 a charter was granted by Parliament to create the Borough of Thornaby-on-Tees. Is this the old Police Station on George Street or is it somewhere else?

7 thoughts on “Charter Day, Thornaby Police – 1892

  1. It’s the old police station in Britannia Street which was near Head Wrightsons. The George Street station dates from 1903? The date is above the door. I have the key.


    • Evenin’ all, The Britannia Street (county) police station is also shown on the same 1893 town plan that I referenced in an earlier comment. It looks like the building at No.1a Britannia Street looks like it was a simpler building, was narrow and only just larger than some of the houses on the same street. The building shown in this photo is much wider & grander, so I still think this is probably a photo of an earlier building on the George Street site. Is the 1903 date on the inside somewhere? I’ve not noticed any dates on the outside?


    • The plan shown on this 1875 image also seems to suggest that this building was on George St. and preceded the (1903?) police station building that is still there.


  2. It certainly looks as though the building has been remodelled. The window spacing is wider than the surviving structure and although the main-entrance is also situated in a two-storey ‘projection’ within the facade, it has little other architectural detailing in common. Nevertheless, as Bob Wilson mentions, the railings are the same pattern. These railings appear to safeguard an ‘area’ to the basement which has windows in it and this too still exists. One thing is for sure, these alterations were more than ‘cosmetic’ and the Police-station would have had to find temporary premises whilst the work was being carried out.


  3. Looking at the 1893 Town Plans it looks as though this could be the an older, old Police Station in George Street (not the one that is still there). The 1893 town plans show the Police Station in the same location, even shows the ground floor extensions either site of the main frontage (and even the lamp post). The cobbled street in the picture, where the photographer stood, would be the end of the long gone Simpson Street.


  4. It certainly looks like the old Police Station in George Street, Thornaby, it has the same entranceway door and overall buidling shape. At a later date steel ornamental black painted railings about 4′ foot high mounted on a 18″ inch wall were built along it’s frontage. I remember these railings quite well as one day as a child I collapsed coming out of the school next door “The National School” in George Street and was sat on this wall until I came around. It must seem odd but I was terrified the Police would come out of the Police Station and arrest me for causing a fuss. Another reason for remembering these railings is one week day about 3.30 pm, the window cleaner who cleaned the Police Station windows fell off his ladder and got impaled on these railings spikes. We were all kept in school – so children coming out of the National School next door would not see the accident, or get in the way of the Ambulance men freeing him.

    Strange to say I don’t think an accident in Britain has ever occurred in a better spot… it happened outside the Police Station, over the road was the NHS Health Clinic and the Ambulance station, and next door to the Police station was Thornabby Fire station, so all four emergency services were within 30 yards of were it occurred. I often saw the window cleaner concerned as he cleaned the National School windows also, he had a huge cheek scar from this accident and I’m certain some of the regulars on here will know who I mean, and may have known him.


  5. I don’t think its George Street as the concrete window frames bare no resemblance in the way that they are carved to that Police Station unless they altered them through the years…


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