7 thoughts on “Marions Home Bakery, Bowesfield Lane

  1. I started my first job here at 16 in 1976. It was a great place to work. Frank and Marion owned it then and I was fortunate enough to be sent to college one day a week to learn the trade. Most of the people who worked there were mainly from around that area.


    • You’re absolutely right, together with Alan Tupling, Billy Barwick, George Walker. Gordon Fox, Lenny Gill,Terry Shaw, Tommy Butler, Clanger Clinton, Ray Halfpenny, Joe Findley, Mauirce Tenwick, Karl Ferguson and many more who I can still clearly remember and can add further to the names already mentioned.


  2. When I started serving my time at Whaley Engineering in Phoenix sidings I had to do the daily shop run for the blokes I worked with. I called into the Home Bakery each day for large buns, which the lads liked to make their chip butties with. Happy days.


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