A View of the Transporter Bridge

t12813A view of the River Tees and the Transporter Bridge, seen from the Middlesbrough side. On the Stockton side of the river you can see Port Clarence and Haverton Hill. Is that the ICI cooling towers under the cloud of smoke in the distance?

Photograph by John W Chesney, courtesy of Joyce Chesney

7 thoughts on “A View of the Transporter Bridge

  1. Whessoe Goliath Box Crane lies slightly down and to the right of the Transporter Bridge in the picture.
    My article comment from “The Smell of Water – Dock Point by Ironopolis December 13, 2016”.
    Whessoe Heavy Engineering Limited
    Dock Point Facility
    Scotts Road, Middlesbrough.
    The Gantry Crane named Goliath served the construction of the Conoco oil platform that was built around 1978 when I served the company as a draughtsman. An old drawing of Goliath drawn up on 20th November 1975 shows the 100/10 Ton Monobox Crane Clearance Diagram, the name WHESSOE was added to the side from the 18th July 1978 recorded in the revision box.
    The Crane stood proudly and well maintained with the 7ft high lettering of Whessoe painted in white on a blue background.


  2. I used to work at Head Wrightson Machine Co. Middlesborough and cycled from Billingham to work most mornings. If the ” Tranny ” had broken down we used to carry our bikes up and over to get to work. I am pretty sure I couldn’t do that now. Like Dave Day said, it was quite a view ( if the weather wasn’t miserable )


  3. I remember back in the mid 1950, s walking over the top of the transporter with my friends into Middlesbrough, I think it was 6d to do it . The ladders seemed very steep but the view was fantastic.


  4. I remember crossing the Tees from Port Clarence to Middlesbrough on the Transporter “cage” as a child and remembering how high the structure was. It scared me while crossing with the grinding of metal sound. Me and my friend also used to catch the bus to Seaton Carew from Port Clarence, the buses were maroon coloured. It was hard saving my bus fare home when I wanted to buy some chips instead, long walk home though!


  5. That is a very interesting picture you can see in the foreground Tees Storage Co which stored lots of different chemicals for ICI and other company’s. This is now the site of Middlesbrough Football Club Riverside Stadium.


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