4 thoughts on “Housewife Lane before demolition c1925

  1. 80+ years later, as building restoration techniques became so incredibly advanced, these cottages and houses would now be classed as ‘desirable residences’, as many similar properties in Yarm and Norton have been. However, at the time of these photographs, all these lads were possibly looking forward to, was at least the ‘luxury’ of indoor plumbing after being relocated, in the new post WW1 era of local authority-developed housing, known as ‘the council estate’.


  2. Wasn’t the removal firm Deveroux’s there when it was just a little company, I seem to remember allotments or something.
    Brian Dalkin, a lad who went to the same school as myself lived in Crisp St, it all seems so long ago now.
    All the best Derek


  3. This is so evocative. I am too young to remember this but it does bring back memories of the demolition of Crisp Street just behind Norton Road in the 50s.


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