Maxwells Corner, Stockton

t12852At the junction of Bishopton Lane with the north end of the High Street sits a curved building known as Maxwell’s Corner. We believe it has been known as Maxwell’s Corner since ES Maxwell acquired the business of John Peckton, tailor, outfitter, hatter, hosier and glover in 1913. Date unknown.

8 thoughts on “Maxwells Corner, Stockton

  1. Just one small correction, my great grandfather, who originally had the shop, was John Peckston, not John Peckton. However, I am delighted to find him and his shop (where my grandmother lived all her childhood) mentioned here. Is the building still there today?


  2. There was a place called “Pete’s Snack Bar” on the opposite side of the road. Every time I went to Stockton with my mum we had a hot pork bun with the bread soaked in the juice of the meat. Lovely!


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