10 thoughts on “Durham Road Post Office

  1. This Post office had a lovely Monkey Tree in the front garden. I also remember Mrs Bone the Post mistress. The Number three Mile House Bus also stopped outside the Post Office.


    • The post mistress who had the post office was Mrs Thorpe, I lived at 125 Durham Rd which is the house on the far right of the photo the one carrying the Castlereagh Rd sign. The house to the immediate right was my mates house Decca Beech he lived there with his mam and dad Jack and Joyce, brother john and, sister Joanne this was back in the 60s,70s,and 80s when I then moved to Oxbridge. Does anyone remember any of the other shops on Durham Rd?, at the top on the corner of Appleton Rd was and still is Paul Henry the barber, who opened in late 75-76 (I was one of his first customers), a launderette, a chemist, then a general dealers owned by the Husain brothers, then a wool and knitting shop called of all things “The Golliwog” owned and ran by a lady called Mrs Bishop, then Walter Wilsons later to become Goldfinch wines, opposite this on my side of Durham Rd was Fred Pearce fish and chips the best in Stockton), back over to the other side was Mr Armstrong the dentist who would constantly smoke and eat sweets while treating you!, then a bakers with a fruit and veg shop next door which I cant remember the names of, then Rodger Cleaver the butcher who I believe is still there, then Creasers the paper shop, then further down on the corner of Dundas St was what I seem to remember as another launderette, then finally over the beck there was a wet fish shop next door to Durham Rd Fish Bar which was never as good as Freds.


      • It was my sister who owned the ‘Golliwog Shop’ (Would not be allowed to call it that now). She bought the shop as that name. My sister recently passed away. With Jimmy Armstrong the Dentist, he would go into the Brown Jug pub about 3 times a week with his mates, 2 being Dental Mechanics. They played dominoes for large sums of money. One evening whilst playing one of the mechanics had to do a visit to the toilet and asked my son to play his hand. My son won £165 pound for him for which he got a £20 tip.


    • There was a Mrs Bone in charge of the paper boys at Creasers Paper Shop across Durham Road, she lived in Dundas Street and was the mother of Margaret and Kenny Bone, old Newham Grange School pupils.


  2. This was where my Parents opened a post office account for me when I was born in 1955! I’ve still got the original book somewhere!


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