11 thoughts on “Babes in the Wood, The Globe c1959

  1. Hello everyone! I’m making a documentary for Channel5, about Sir Cliff Richard and Christmas, and I”m looking for people like yourselves who have seen Cliff in panto, to send in a short message to Cliff, wishing him a Merry Christmas, and telling him of your memory of him in panto.

    Would anyone be interested? It would just be a very short video taken on your phone, and I will edit them together in a message for Cliff at the end of the documentary.

    What do you think?
    My email is Anna.proctor@kingofsunshineproductions.com – please let me know if you’re interested!



  2. I can remember going to see the panto and somehow got a picture of him, think my mum was in the chorus line up and that’s how I got it, she did a pantomime with Marty Wilde as well and threw an end of season party at our house which Marty and the rest of the cast came to when we lived opposite Preston Park


    • Hi Pamela, do you have any photos of you and Cliff at the Panto? I’m working on a documentary about Cliff Richard and his Panto days, I’d love to see it if you still have it!


      • Hi Anna when I left for Australia in 1974 my possessions were left with my cousin as I had no idea where abouts in NSW we were going. After a year of trying to get my things back, as she wanted storage costs I could no longer employ legal counsel in two countries. All my photos were there along with other dancers with Cliff. A lovely generous gentleman with a kindness towards children that were not always well behaved. The dance school we attended was the Tessie Davis School of Dancing if that helped any. I so wish I still had those photos, good luck with your search. Please let me know when you are published, I would love to be able to purchase it and get some memories back.My email is pvar49 @yahoo.com.au Kindest regards Pamela Varney.


        • I’m so pleased you have such lovely memories, even if the photos are elsewhere.
          I’ll keep digging around and see if anyone else has any, it’d be lovely to include Cliff’s Panto days in the documentary.
          Thank you for your response Pamela,


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