10 thoughts on “The Station Pub, Bishopton Lane

  1. An elegant building that must have represented a considerable investment when it was built in 1898. Along with the Queens Hotel, just opposite facing the Railway Station, this must have appeared a very ‘modern’ hotel of the late Victorian railway-era, as opposed to the original 18thC coaching-inns situated on the High St. Much of it’s custom must surely have been generated by a constant stream of travelling salesmen, representatives and other business-associated personnel arriving by train in the town. As such, the local employment of catering staff, bar staff, chambermaids, etc would have been fairly intense. Sadly, along with the rise in the popularity of the car, as a primary means of personal-transport and the slow rationalisation of the railway-system,( along with many other 20thC communication developments), this large building failed to have any real commercial reason to continue to exist, particularly after the huge Swallow Hotel was built. Which in turn, has become yet another ‘modern’ building that has apparently, simply outlived it’s usefulness.


  2. Very busy junction with cars exiting the town’s large car park along the adjoining road – notice the belisha beacon of the zebra crossing. I walked past the pub twice (or even four times) a day in the 1980s as I lived in Carlton Close (see the first house beyond the ‘no entry’ road sign) and worked above what is now Argos, at General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation Limited nearby on Bishopton Lane for several years. Nice and close – used to often nip home for lunch.


  3. We all used this pub in the Jubilee Dance Hall days in the early sixties, but they have opened a building on the other side of Bishopton Lane under the same name (nice pleasant pub).


    • Anon does it have a modern frontage? I go along with the comment by Marty on this one – just look at the old building! Yet another loss to the individuality that used to mark Stockton.


  4. A great boozer, I used to go in regularly after 5-a-side with Gordon Pratt, Kev Turton, Stan Hutchcraft, Geoff Trattles plus my brother Budgie Martin and mates from all over. Another sad indictment of so called progress…
    Stephen Martin

    Yet another part of Stockton’s history demolished in the name of progress of course I had forgotten what a beautiful building this was and isn’t the new road just wonderful!


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