Jesse Bateman’s Class, Wolviston Primary School c1946/47

t13030A class photograph of Miss Jesse Bateman’s class, Wolviston Primary School. The names I remember are… Back row (l-r): John Foster, Stan Linton, Reg Hardwick, Tony Benson, Peter Dodds, Roy Thornton. Middle Row (l-r): Elizabeth Stainthorpe, Dorothy Reynard, Anne Reynard, Winsome Wossum, ??, Gill Swinbank, Barbara Lax, Anne Brackenborough. Front Row (l-r): Mary Pearson, Kath Hutchinson, ??, Miss Bateman, Joan Cook, Ethel Dodds, Margaret Smith.

Photograph and details courtesy of Tony Benson.

2 thoughts on “Jesse Bateman’s Class, Wolviston Primary School c1946/47

  1. As a /general/ rule, was it the custom to take class photographs at the start of the school year, or at the end?

    (I have to ask, because I never went to a school that took class photographs)


  2. Good to see this photo. If you go to the entry for Schools, to 26/7/12 there are two more pictures from the school in the forties, and having seen your entry I am wondering if I have the years correct on my submission. I remember life in the village with much fondness.


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