Grangefield Grammar School, 1959

t13102This photo was of a class of girls entering Grangefield Grammar in 1959. I believe there were two other classes in that year. My sister Pat Armstrong is at the end of the front row on the  right. We left to live in Australia in May of 1963. We are trying to make contact with as many girls as possible from that year, with the view to a possible reunion. We have made contact with about a dozen girls so far. They are Irene Watson, Gloria Phillips, Maureen Glencross, Susan Merrifield, Susan Porteous, Irene Metcalfe, Caroline Dawson, Lynne Fordy, Christine Duckworth, and Sandra Bartram. Some of the girls mentioned are in this photo and some are in the other classes. We are trying to find girls from all three classes, so come on girls, lets get busy. My e-mail address is available from Picture Stockton (Stockton Central Library).

Photograph and details courtesy of John Armstrong.

5 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar School, 1959

  1. I was at this dreadful school in late 60s I hated every minute of it it was the worst school ever. When I left my old school I was doing really well then went to this nightmare of a school and went down rapidly


  2. Grangefield was split into 2 separate schools separated by the dining hall with girls at one end and boys at the other with different finishing times to try and separate the sexes. So it was never a mixed school.


  3. My late Father, Brian Thompson was a teacher at Grangefield Grammar School from Sept 1952 to Dec 1955. I thought it was an all male school but stand corrected. I wonder whether anyone has any school photos which include him. eg group photo of the staff. I’ve never ever seen one!
    He moved to Leicester in 1956 and continued to live here until his death on 7th March 2011 aged 82 after a long illness. I’m his eldest son and was born in Stockton-On-Tees, all my 4 siblings were born in Leicester. My Mother, Rosalind Thompson, still lives in the family house and I live in my own house also in Leicester.


    • Stephen, the school yearbook for 1956-7 contains the following entry about your father.
      “At Christmas 1955, Mr R B Thompson moved to Leicester to become responsible for Religious Instruction at the Gateway Boys’ School. He came to Stockton in 1952 to teach Chemistry, but was developing an interest in religious and biblical studies during his stay, and had recently been giving some time to Religious Instruction in the School. He had also done valuable work with the Junior Forum and the Christian Union.”


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